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Delicious handmade chocolates from Leuven




Leuven Specialty since 1992
"Leuvense Fonskes" are hand made, fresh chocolate pralines - a local specialty from the city of Leuven, Belgium since 1992. The pralines are made from 100% Belgian chocolate of the highest quality.
A box of Leuvense Fonskes pralines is the perfect souvenir and local gift for friends and family
Discover the story of the statue Fonske in the city of Leuven,
symbol of beer and wisdom: 2 specialties of the city.


pralines Leuvense Fonskes-9878

pralines Leuvense Fonskes-9878



pralines Leuvense Fonskes - Liesbeth en

pralines Leuvense Fonskes - Liesbeth en







pralines Leuvense Fonskes - Liesbeth en

pralines Leuvense Fonskes - Liesbeth en



pralines Leuvense Fonskes - Liesbeth en

pralines Leuvense Fonskes - Liesbeth en



Offer & Pricing chocolate Pralines

local specialty from Leuven

All Leuvense Fonskes pralines come nicely packed in a beautiful box, available in different sizes. Each box contains a variety of pralines in pure fondant chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. They have different fillings of praliné, caramel and coffee tastes. 
There's a Leuvense Fonske praline for every taste! 
The silhouet of the Leuven Fonske statue is visible on every praline.  
Each box also contains a text in 4 languages about the city of Leuven and the statue Fonske with its meaning. 
Choose your format of Fonskes praline box, go to a point of sale of your choice in & around Leuven and taste the fresh chocolate yourself! 
Formats & Price

Small  62,5 gr

€ 5,0

Middle  100 gr
€ 8,0

Big 250 gr

€ 12,5

XL 500 gr

€ 18,0

Buying a larger quantity?

Where can I buy Leuvense Fonskes?

Leuvense Pralines

Points of Sale

In these stores in & around Leuven you can buy the one and only Leuvense Fonskes, delicious typical regional product from Leuven.

Temmerman Confisserie-Chocolaterie

Tiensestraat 200, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 23 14 22


Brusselsestraat 6, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 22 35 67

Think Chocolate!

Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 43, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 20 41 11

Denon NV

Brusselsestraat 31, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 22 12 67

Streekmanden Ruisbroekmolen

Ruisbroekstraat 18, 3360 Bierbeek​

+32 478 58 18 09

vanhellemont tienen.jpeg

Fruit Vanhellemont

Hamelendreef 81, 3300 Tienen

+32 16 63 32 35

Becoming a point of sale?

Leonidas Chocolates

& Co

Bondgenotenlaan 27, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 23 22 40

Leonidas Chocolates

& Co

Vlinderlaan 1F, Carrefour, 3360 Korbeek-Lo

+32 16 69 68 00

Brown Betty

Bondgenotenlaan 6, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 90 44 33

New Greenhouse - De Nieuwe Serre

L. Kriegelstraat 37, 3040 Huldenberg

+32 16 47 21 95

Java - Leonidas

Jan Stasstraat 20, 3000 Leuven

+32 16 23 95 57

Fruit Vanhellemont Meensel-Kiezegem

Heibosstraat 17, 3391 Meensel-Kiezegem

+32 16 63 32 35




About Us: The Story of Leuvense Fonskes

The local specialty from the city of Leuven,

a tradition of more than 30 years in Leuven

Youth friends Liesbeth Geerinck and Bie Deckmyn love delicious desserts. More than 30 years ago they wrote a booklet about it with 40 recipes. It was such a success that they were asked to present their recipes at the local Leuven Christmas market.  


There, the idea rises to create a sweet specialty for the city of Leuven. Out of pride of the city and with the symbolic statue Fons Sapientiae as an inspiration, the Leuvense Fonskes are born: fresh chocolate pralines, handmade with high quality chocolate and filled with fine fillings in different tastes.


Over Ons

Why "Fonskes" from Leuven?

The origin of the name of the Leuven specialty

The Leuvense Fonskes chocolate pralines show the typical symbol of Leuven: the "Fons Sapientiae"or source of wisdom. This is the name of the statue at the Rector De Somer square - previously 'Fochplein'- in the heart of Leuven. People of Leuven don't use the Latin name for the statue, but the more familiar "Fonske".


Fonske symbolises the joy of the beer in his one hand, and the university knowledge of the book in his other hand. It's the combination of these 2 specialties that makes Leuven as a city unique in the world.

Fonske standbeeld
“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

The ideal business gift


Are you looking for a special business gift? 

The famous Leuvense Fonskes pralines are an original and tasty gift from the Leuven region. Ideal as a gift for customers, business relations, prospects or employees.

With a box of Leuvense Fonskes you give a business gift with a story,

that will always be well received! 

Hint: offer your visitors at the office a Leuvens Fonske chocolate with their coffee or tea - success guaranteed!

Voor Bedrijven

I went with my husband on a business trip to Portugal, without knowing Portuguese. After I offered a box of Leuvense Fonskes to our 20 Portugese business partners, the ice was broken. The Fonskes were the ideal ice-breaker and the start of a great business relation!

- Marleen from Oud-Heverlee


Contact Us

You want to know more about the Fonskes?
Questions about where to buy the praline boxes? 

Want to ask an offer for your business?


All questions are welcome through the form below 

or at

We contact you back as soon as possible.

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